Pelu Panda

Flyway Millenioum Award 2018

Flyway Institution Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best training institutes in India. It has been reliably developing and is today recognized as reputed aviation training and placement institute. With an interesting educational programs, instructional method and imaginative projects it has sanctioned a remarkable and high development way in aviation as well as in hospitality, travel management, retail sector and customer service.

Professional Training of H.R.

Job Description

  • Service quality & service India as a destination – Inbound
  • International destination – Outbound
  • Cruise destinations
  • Travel agency operations
  • Foreign exchange
  • Service quality & service India as a destination – Inbound
  • Air fares and ticketing
  • International destination – Outbound
  • Cruise destinations
  • Travel agency operations
  • Foreign exchange
  • Customer service for global clientele
  • Food & Fundamentals of management & hotel accounting
  • Accommodation operations

Ground staff and Retail Management

This course is designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in The Customer Support Functions of the Airline Industry and can be employed by:
Domestic and International Airports (Ground Hostess, Reservation & Counter Staff, Customer Service)/ Airline Back office, Airline City Reservation Office, Airline Ticketing offices etc.

Job Description

  • Introduction to Airports
  • Types, Operations, Services & Features
  • Airline Terminologies & Definitions
  • Organizations
  • Various Personnel/ Agencies Working at the airport
  • Ground Staff Responsibilities & their functions
  • Check-In Procedures, Arrivals & Departures.
  • Disrupted & Delayed Flights
  • Pre & Post Flight Procedures
  • Handling Incoming Flights
  • Mishandled Baggage
  • Handling Special Passengers
  • Handling Dangerous Goods & Special Cargo
  • Ground Handling of Flight & Associated Dangers
  • Aviation Security
  • Ticketing (Computerized Reservation Systems)
  • Airport Ground Handling
  • English Speaking & Voice and accent Training
  • Personality Development
  • Grooming
  • Interview Skills & Group Discussion
  • Orientation Program at Mumbai International Airport (MIAL)
  • Internship at the Mumbai International Airport (MIAL)

Professional Training of Finance & Accounting

The Financial sector, more specifically, Banking Sector has become very vibrant after implementation of new economic policy and introduction of financial sector reforms by the Government/Reserve Bank Of India. The impact of these changes is seen in the form of competition, technological up-gradation, diversification and thrust on retail banking with aggressive marketing strategy. The need of the hour, therefore, is to face the challenges with efficient, dedicated and energetic staff having required knowledge and skill.
The banking industry has approximately 10 lakh staff, mostly recruited during 1970-75. The staff has put in 25-30 years of service and the average age is 48. Majority of the staff is experienced in traditional banking with manual systems and not very keen to acquire latest technology. The VRS Scheme implemented in 2001 saw experienced staff going out of the banks. As the average age of staff is 48, the banking industry is going to face mass retirement in near future. Also, there is no recruitment in Banks for last 15 years. The banks, therefore, particularly, public sector banks in India need young energetic staff, familiar with latest technology, ready to accept challenges and competent to handle business situations arising out of specialization. The banking sector, therefore, is open now for employment to new entrants. The BSRB, the centralized agency, which was responsible for recruiting staff in the banks, has stopped functioning and the banks have now freedom to take people from open market. Many of the banks have started recruitment drive for bank personnel.
It is on this background, we propose to start a Post-Graduate Diploma Course on Banking and Finance covering all the aspects of banking.