Flyway Institution Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Airhostess Training Institutes in India. It has been reliably developing and is today recognized as reputed aviation training and placement institute. With an interesting educational programs, instructional method and imaginative projects it has sanctioned a remarkable and high development way in aviation as well as in hospitality, travel management, retail sector and customer service.

As an Airhostess Institute, it has always been in touch with various industrial bodies and thus recognized industry needs in time and responded to them with quick and appropriate innovations as well as adaptations in its course curriculum as well as teaching methodologies. This constant evolution and the spirit to excel have led to Flyway being recognized as a company of repute and eminence for its professionally oriented courses.

As a foundation, it has dependably been in contact with different mechanical bodies and consequently perceived industry needs in time and reacted to them with fast and suitable developments and additionally adjustments in its course educational programs and in addition instructing philosophies. This consistent development and the soul to exceed expectations have prompted Flyway being perceived as an organization of notoriety and prominence for its professionally oriented courses.

Additionally this is one of the best and only institutes which offer courses to understudies soon after going from class 12th to graduation Flyway… as an Aviation Institute gives various expert and academic courses for everybody.At Flyway we also offer Internships and summer training to management study, also there are placements for qualified candidates, depending on their profile and necessity of the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become best aviation related service provider with all its facilities under one roof. Acquiring the correct preparation from the perfect place gives an additional preferred stand point to people hoping to make a carrear There are many aviation and retail management courses available to set you up for jobs. A strong community commitment is incorporated into our work whenever possible. We look forward to the joining with passion.

Our Mision

Our mission is to provide all the aviation need under one roof and present them in a qualitative way. Our passionate and creative team will innovatively provide small project facilitation expecting high quality results, reliability and excellent customer service commitment and also a sustainable environment to be enjoyed by future generations.

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